I need help addressing the questions in the attached document. SOC110_4002 SOCIOLOGY OF MARRIAGE AND FAMILY

I need help addressing the questions in the attached document.



Lesson 9 Discussion

How do different types of marriages impact those involved and others around them? What experiences have you had with these differences among your family, friends, and colleagues?
(250 words)


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Lesson 9 Assignment

Essay on Household Dynamics

Write a 1 and 1/2 page paper discussing your family (either your current family with your partner, if applicable, or your family growing up) in terms of what you’ve learned in this unit. Is your family patriarchal, matriarchal, or egalitarian? How do you think gender roles influence how you divide household responsibilities? If your relationship or your parents’ relationship is a same-sex relationship, how do you think this differentiates that relationship from mixed-gender households/partnerships?

Discussion 10

What type of parenting style did your parents use with you while you were growing up? Was this parenting style effective? What suggestions or changes would you recommend to the next generation regarding raising children?
(250 words)




Discussion 9

What policies have you seen implemented or upheld in your agency and how does it impact the clients they serve? (200 words)


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I need response to the following 2 peer posts (150 Words Each).

Stefanie Reep

(150 Words).

I have come across a few different policies at the school that I am working in.  These include an Anti-Harassment Policy, Identification and service of students who are gifted, and a Head lice and knits policy. 

With the Anti Harassment policy, it states that the school will maintain an education and work environment that is free from all forms of unlawful harassment, including sexual harassment. This commitment applies to all School District operations, programs, and activities. All students, administrators, teachers, staff, and all other school personnel share responsibility for avoiding, discouraging, and reporting any form of unlawful harassment.  There was a student who had been involved in many events labeled as bullying, All of the school’s disciplinary actions were followed. When another incident happened, there was then a police report filed by the parents. Our Resource officer then took this up with our board of education stating this child was a safety issue in our building. Following the harassment policy, the student was then removed from our school to a behavior school. This impacted the student who was bullied in a big way changing his placement at school and getting him help, it also impacted the students around them helping them to now feel safe in their school environment. 

With the Identification and service of students who are gifted, I got to watch the screening process for a child to get tested for this. There is a special list of criteria that need to be checked before a child can be screened. I did not get to see yet if the child qualified for testing so I am not sure if there was any impact. 

The Head lice policy that I got to witness was very interesting. The policy clearly states that the school maintains a nit-free policy. There will be regular checks and if a live louse is found or nits then the child will be removed from class and the parents will be contacted to come pick them up. They are not permitted to ride the bus home.  Students need to be treated and can return the next day, they will be checked before entering their class if there are no nits they can return, If there are nits they are still not permitted. It got interesting because the secretary was stating the kids with nits could stay and only the ones with live lice were to get sent home. This is how they had been doing it, the aide simply argued that was not what our policy says and there needed to be a meeting to discuss not following the policy. Later on, the secretary told me if they sent kids home every time they had nits there would be some families that would never be in school, she said it was becoming a huge problem for some of them. The impact of following this policy is to make sure the kids are getting the proper care that they need at home. The parents have to take the responsibility of coming to get their children and get them. I believe though that there is no impact if the parents are not held accountable to come pick them up and to keep them out until treated. I do feel like for those families who continue to struggle there should be some other services the school can provide to help those families get the help they need. 

Rhondean MitchellGripper

(150 Words).

The agency where am doing my practicum serves multiple clients. The agency Implements and upholds strict COVID policies to ensure the safety and well-being of the staff and the clients they serve. The agency had developed and focused on a comprehensive approach to the safety of all the clients in the agency. COVID policies are based on guidelines from health authorities and government regulations.  These policies would cover areas, such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and hygiene protocols. Ensure that both staff and clients understand and adhere to these policies. The agency regularly updates everyone on any changes or updates to any guidelines and provides resources. If a client in the agency tested positive for COVID-19, the agency prioritizes the health and safety of both staff and clients, The client would be advised that they will have to self-isolate by being transferred to a hotel. With this process, the agency maintains open communication with the client. The client services would be delivery, where the agency temporarily adjusted how to provide support to the client who tested positive or until the client has recovered and is no longer contagious.

 While a client who is positive for COVID-19 services may be disrupted temporarily, the agency still works to minimize the impact that it would have on the client’s well-being and continue supporting the client while prioritizing health and safety. While the impact on clients may vary, the agency’s commitment to these policies will help create a safe and supportive environment for all.


Journal Entry 9

Write about your experiences during the week.  What policies have you used or seen others implement to uphold in your agency? What impact does it have on the clients served? (250 words)

Discussion 10

When working within your agency how do you engage a client while working with them? What are some strategies used and outcomes seen? (200 words)

I need response to the following 2 peer posts (150 Words).

Stefanie Reep

Right now I am working with elementary school-aged children. Some strategies I used to keep them engaged are speaking to them at their level, I am typically on the floor with them. I use soft tones when speaking and I make the environment warm. I usually have the lights turned off and I use lower-lit lamps. I also have a bubble light but it distracts some students so I don’t use it with all of them. I often use games or social stories that go along with the topic I am seeing them for. I have small hand fidgets, a tent, and other sensory tools in my room that are available to help the student if needed. I have one students who need about a 2-minute quiet time before they are ready to engage so I have built that time into his day. He needs to come in and adjust to my room and kind of feel me out before he feels comfortable enough to chat with me. 

A strategy I watched the other day was our school psychologist letting the student pick a friend to bring. She explained it helped this child feel more comfortable with not being the only kid in the room and she was able to get more data this way, she said some things though she made sure to ask while just one-on-one also to make sure the answers were the same, she felt sometimes if the friend answered first the one being observed just copied. 

Rhondean MitchellGripper

(150 Words).

In the agency, I am working in I agency with a client in a fundamental way that will foster meaningful relationships and facilitate positive outcomes. Make it crucial to provide effective support and assistance, and establish a positive and trusting relationship, active listening is paramount, demonstrating empathy and understanding while allowing my clients to express themselves freely as well as being non-judgemental. Creating a safe and supportive environment, and establishing and building a rapport are essential, allowing clients to feel comfortable enough to share their experiences and vulnerabilities. Fostering a sense of township and empowerment and working with the client to get a sense of direction and progress, enhancing motivation and commitment to participate in their process of change and growth, highlighting the clients’ strong mindsets, and encouraging them to overcome challenges, so they can achieve their goals. The outcome of engaging clients using these strategies can be significant. Clients may experience increased motivation, a sense of empowerment, and enhanced self-awareness. This will help the client better understand their challenges and strengths, leading to increased resilience and improved problem-solving skills. There were some client who refuse to participate, however, those who did actively participate in the intervention process were led to better outcomes in terms of achieving some of their goals and improving their overall well-being.

Journal Entry 10

Write about your experiences during the week. What engagement practices did you or others use to engage clients in treatment? (250 words)

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